The first step is to complete our Lamb Readiness Questionnaire. Simply use the contact form below and request the questionnaire. Once completed, return to us so we can see if we have a good match. 

We're very serious about our lambs going to good forever homes, and this is one way of ensuring you have thought this through and are prepared to care for one or more of our classic cuties.


When we notify you that your questionnaire has been reviewed, we'll contact you to confirm the details of your request (# of ewes, rams wethers) and ask you to give us a deposit of 50% of the price per head. This can be done by check or PayPal.

Once your deposit is received, all you have to do is relax! We'll let you know via our Facebook site as lambs are born and we'll communicate potential pickup times.

NOTE ON DEPOSITS: If we are unable to provide any portion of your requested purchase, you can apply that amount to the rest of the lambs in your order. If you decide not to take any of the lambs we have reserved in your name, you forfeit all of your deposit.


Pickup Your Lambs

All lambs go home between 8 and 10 weeks of age. This allows us time to properly wean them. We keep bottle babies just as long so they learn proper skills from the others about being a sheep. This makes sure you have a psychologically well rounded new family member.

We'll let you know about proper carriers to bring them home in, give you a Sheep 101 packet of info and if you wish, sell you a bag of their current feed.



$700 each Plain* color
$900 each Fancy Spots

$1000 with Fancy Spots and 
partial or full blue eyes


$600 each Plain color
$800 each Fancy Spots

$900 with Fancy Spots and partial or full blue eyes


$325 each Plain color

$900 with Fancy Spots and partial or full blue eyes

*Plain color refers to sheep that are either mostly or completely brown or white. It's important to know that when breeding, even plain colored sheep can and will produce fancy spots! We have proven this ourselves over several breeding seasons using plain colored ewes with fancy spotted rams. No matter the color, one thing is certain: ALL Harlequins share the same sweet, fun-loving personalities!

Harlequin Sheep For Sale

Beautiful 2019 Harlequin ewe available NOW! Don't miss your chance to own an American original - Harlequin miniature sheep. This ewe is bargain priced at $600. Born in April, Harlequin Sheep Society registered generation FP. Last year at these prices. 

EMAIL us for the Lamb Readiness Questionnaire today.

#218 Sadee's Ewe

Partial blue eye, This ewe is a twin and will likely produce twins once mature.

Six Wags Over Texas

Van Alstyne, TX 75495

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